Pomme Anna

Pomme Anna


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  • 5 whole medium size Idaho potatoes, peel and hold in water
  • 100g clarified butter
  • Thyme leaves picked from 10 sprig of thyme
  • Salt and pepper


1. Set the temperature for the oven at 300 F

2. Thinly slice 1 potato, about 2 mm thick

3. Use a round cutter to punch out perfect circles, 3 cm diameter round cutter

4. Line the bottom of your pan and overlap each other tightly to form a nice even tight circle

5. A 3cm diameter round cutter is suggested

6. Then place the first-round potato in the center of the pan and slowly overlap toward the edge of the pan.

7. The circle formation should be tight and neat; each slice of potato should cover 4/5 of each slice.

8. Season with salt and pepper, heavier on the salt. Sprinkle with thyme leaves

9. Add 1/3 of the clarified butter into the pan and heat up over medium heat

10. Slice the second layer of potato into thin slices, lay them neatly to form the second layers of the potato. You do not need to punch it out with a round cutter.

11. Generously Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with thyme

12. Repeat the process to the top of the pan. Leave 20% of Space.

13. Add in the rest of the butter

14. With a rubber spatula, pack the potato slightly to squeeze out air pockets

15. Cook on the stove top over low heat until golden brown

16. Spray the second pan with nonstick spray, lock the pan in position

17. In a quick motion, flip the pan onto the sprayed pan over the sink

18. Caution, small amount of clarified butter may spill from the pan.

19. Place Pan in oven and bake for 30 minutes. The Potatoes should be a crispy golden brown.

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