Cantonese Fried rice

Cantonese Fried rice


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  • Very easy


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  • 500 g cooked jasmine rice, chill overnight in the fridge
  • 30g of blanched broccolini, cut into bite size segments
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 150g peeled side strip prawns
  • 20g thinly sliced green onion
  • 30g of honshimiji mushroom
  • 30g blanched snow peas
  • 40 g small dice carrots
  • 10g sliced mild red Fresno chili
  • 30g of vegetable oil
  • 30g soy sauce
  • Salt and pepper


1. Heat Pan over high heat

2. Add in oil and heat Pan until light smoke appears

3. Add in beaten eggs, green onions, mushroom and green onions

4. Stir the eggs with a wooden spoon until no longer runny

5. The heat should remain high to achieve the flavor of the “wok”

6. Keep the pan on the stove as much as possible so the pan remains to ensure Pan does not cool down

7. Add in the Jasmine rice, soy sauce and shrimp

8. Mix and season the rice evenly and taste to adjust. Add more salt and pepper if need be or a pinch of sugar to balance

9. Ensure rice light brown colour, is evenly distributed from soya sauce

10. Garnish with sliced chili, optional

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