ALL-CLAD Foil Cutter

ALL-CLAD Foil Cutter
Crafted with premium quality stainless steel, All-Clad's collection of professional barware is essential for wine and beer lovers.

Remove the foil cap from the top of the bottle for easy uncorking.

Référence : K1311064

Place the foil cutter over the bottleneck and press the black button to eject the small inner blade. Next, rotate the foil cutter 360° to completely separate the foil, allowing you to easily remove the foil cap and uncork the bottle.


Dimension 7 CM  
Couleur de la poignée STAINLESS STEEL POLISHED  
Matériau de la poignée CHROME PLATED STEEL  
Couleur de la partie active STAINLESS STEEL POLISHED  
Matériau de la partie active STEEL  
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