Rice and Grain Cooker

Rice and Grain Cooker
Perfect results with rice and grains, helping your skill and passion come to life.

Perfectly cook rice and grains with the All-Clad rice cooker

The All-Clad rice maker combines five automatic programs with three adjustable time/temperature settings for perfectly cooked rice and grains. Enjoy convenient features in an easy-to-clean sophisticated design.

Référence : NK500051

All-Clad Rice Cooker: for all your rice and grain cooking needs

With the All-Clad rice machine, perfectly cook rice and grains with the touch of a button. Featuring five automatic programs, rice, risotto and grains are precisely cooked every time, while three adjustable time and/or temperature settings increase versatility, for slow cooking, steaming and browning/sauté. Its easy-to-use control panel and LCD screen make for intuitive cooking, along with keep-warm and delayed start functions for added convenience. The glass lid provides easy monitoring, while the stainless steel steam basket, rice measuring cup and rice spoon facilitate cooking. Rounding it all off is a sophisticated design in stainless steel, with an easy-to-clean dishwasher-safe inner pot.


Cuve amovible    
Interrupteur Marche/Arrêt    
Garantie 2 ANS  
Puissance 650  W
Va au lave-vaisselle    
Va au lave-vaisselle - détails only accessories: cooking pot, spatula,cup, steam basket  
Bienfaits nutritionnels Grains provide a healthy boost of vitamins, minerals, fiber  
Cordon rétractable    
Maintien au chaud AUTOMATIQUE  
Panier à vapeur    
Accessoires spatula, cup, steam basket  
Panneau de commande    
Capacité du bol 4 QT  L
Programmes de cuisson white rice, brown rice, sushi, risotto, grains, steam, slow cook  
Température réglable    
Départ différé    
Minuteur d'affichage    
Cuisson visible    
Épaisseur du bol 2  mm
Revêtement intérieur du bol CERAMIC  
Couvercle intérieur amovible    
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